Wisdom is a totally different phenomenon. It comes through love, it grows in the heart, it is a heart flower. And the ways of the heart are totally different from the ways of the head.

Wisdom does not come from knowledge, it comes from love. Wisdom has nothing to do with logic but it has everything to do with love. Knowledge depends on logic and knowledge can give you a false notion of being, because knowledge is imitative. You can repeat beautiful saying of Jesus, the beatitude, and if you go on repeating them long enough you will start believing, you will auto-hypnotise yourself by constant repetition. You will start thinking, as if you know, and you don’t know at all. He reached to the cave. Inside it, he was very happy: crystal clear the water was there; he had never seen such a water. And he was going to drink the water… suddenly a crow who was sitting in the cave said, “Stop! Don’t do it. I have done and I am suffering.” Alexander looked at the crow and said, “What are you saying? You have drunk, and what is the suffering?” He said, “Now I cannot die and I want to die. Everything is finished. I have known everything that life can give. I have known love and I have grown out of it. And I have known success; I was a king of crows, and now I am fed up, and I have known everything that can be known. And everybody I knew has died; they have gone back to rest, and I cannot rest. I have tried all efforts to commit suicide, but everything fails. I cannot die because I have drunk from this condemned cave. It is better that nobody knows about it. Before you drink, you meditate on my condition — and then you can drink.” It is said Alexander for the first time thought about it, and came back without drinking from that cave and that stream. Darkness to light Today’s world is in so much darkness. To be liberated from total sorrow and to attain happiness requires effort which only Supreme Soul can inspire us to make. He is then responsible for our effort. However, until you have a complete connection with Him, you should understand that you are responsible for your own actions. He is only responsible for our actions when we completely belong to Him. To put our hand in His hand means to forge a complete connection. The words of Vedanta and the teachings of the Sadguru, those in whome the vision of the Truth is born in all beings, are liberated while living. The words of Vedanta reveal our true nature. Since the Self cannot be known as an object of knowledge, it has to be revealed by subtle and indicative methods. The language used in the Vedas is therefore, mystical. The teacher adopts a method best suited for the student he teaches.

What are proven theories? Theories are said to derive their proof from one or the other of the following sources: (1) direct perception, sense-experience, or intuition; (2) deduction or extension of direct perception and sense-experience or beliefs: in the absence of direct proof or experience, indirect proof is deduced from the right or wrong application of principles of logic chosen by oneself, which often lead to vague generalisations or presumptions that “since the theory comes from a usually reliable source, it must be correct.” (3) scriptural or other trustworthy testimony or authority – where, again, one accepts as proof the statements of those whom one has accepted as THE authority, such acceptance being blind and fanatic. Life will be simply unbearable if there is no death. Love will be unbearable if there is no opposite to it. If you cannot separate from your beloved it will be unbearable; the whole thing will become so monotonous, it will create boredom. Life exists with the opposites that’s why it is so interesting.

Wars cannot disappear from the world as long as it appears to man that he can be killed, that he can die. Regardless of how much Gandhi may teach nonviolence, or Buddha and Mahavira may teach it; no matter how many lessons of nonviolence are given in the world, as long as man does not experience from within that whatsoever is, is eternal, war cannot cease. Don’t think those who wield swords are brave people. A sword is proof that the man is a coward. Statues in the city square of those holding swords are statues of cowards. The brave man needs no sword in his hand because he knows it is childish to kill and to be killed. But man creates a strange deception. He pretends he knows things he is ignorant about – all because of fear. Deep down he is fraught with fear, deep down he knows he will have to die – people are dying every day. He sees his body growing weaker inside – youth has passed, old age is approaching. He sees the body is on its way out, but inside he keeps reiterating. “The soul is immortal.” He tries to muster up his courage by doing so, and tells himself. “Don’t be afraid. Of course death is there, but the sages, the wise men say the soul is immortal.” Around such wise men talk about the immortality of the soul, people afraid of death gather in big crowds. Janak asked: ”Oh lord, how does one attain wisdom? And how does liberation happen? And how is nonattachment attained? Please tell me this.” Ashtavakra replied, ”Oh Beloved, if you want liberation then renounce the vishayas the passions as visha, poison and take forgiveness, innocence, compassion, contentment and truth as nectar.” ”If you want liberation then renounce the vishayas, the passions as visha, poison.” The word vishaya is very meaningful. It is derived from visha, poison. The meaning of visha is a substance which, if one eats it, one will die. The meaning of vishaya is that which, if we consume it, we die again and again. With passions we die again and again. With food we die again and again; with ambitions, anger, hatred, burning jealousy consuming these, we go on dying again and again. We have died again and again because of these. Up until now, have we known living in life? We have known only death. Our life until now… where is the flaming torch of life? There is only the smoke of death. From birth to death we are gradually dying. Are we living? We die every single day. What we call life is a continual process of dying. We don’t know life yet: how can we live? The body goes on weakening every day, strength goes on decreasing every day. Enjoyment and passion go on sucking our energy every day, go on aging us. Passions and desires are like holes, and our energy, our being, goes on flowing out through them. In the end our pail is empty – this is what we call death. Have you ever seen? – if you throw a bucket full of holes into a well, as long as it is submerged in water it seems to be full. Pull on the rope and lift it out of the water and already it has started emptying. It creates a great noise. Is this what you call life? Falling streams of water – is this what you call life? And as the bucket draws closer to your hands, it becomes more and more empty. When it reaches your hands it is empty… not a single drop of water. This is how our life is. Ashtavakra says passions are poisonous, because by indulging them we simply die. We never get any life from them.”

Oh Beloved, if you want liberation then renounce the vishayas, the passions as visha, poison, and take forgiveness, innocence, compassion, contentment and truth as nectar.”

Nectar means that which gives life, that which gives immortality, ambrosia – when one has found it, one will never die again.