Benefits of Joining The IYP

We are happy to welcome You to be part of a Biggest Association that will have significant and positive impact on Qualified Yoga Professionals. 

  • International Yoga Professionals Certificate is issued to our approved Yoga Members. This Certificate serves as an identity for being Yoga Professionals.
  • The IYP will help our members to gain knowledge about Yoga and Philosophy. Scientific Research Articles will be published in our website that will help all Yoga Professionals to update their knowledge.
  • The IYP integrates Different Types of Yoga schools under one platform, This helps our members to know about different schools of Yoga.
  • The IYP also supports the Research Scholars. The IYP has a Team of Doctorates in Yoga so researchers can also discuss their doubts to our Doctorates Team. The IYP members can get updates about various Yoga Researches and can also publish their research papers in our Associated Yoga Journals.
  • Exploring Asanas” is a part of The IYP where Yoga Professionals can update the New innovative Yoga Postures which will be displayed in our Website and Social Medias. At the end of the Week the Innovative Yoga Posture will be announced and they will be honored.
  • The IYP Platform is for open platform for members of The IYP where they can publish their articles or can share about their area of interest with all our Yoga Professionals. Based upon the articles published the contributor of the article will be given Points.
  • Details about Yoga Events at various places will be updated.
  • Members of The IYP will get Discounts in The IYP sponsoring Online and offline Workshops/ Seminars.
  • Each member will get a The IYP Profile where they can update about in Near Future Members can View each other profiles and can share their Yogic Knowledge. The IYP will be a Social Medias for Yoga Professionals.
  • Our members will also get update about the Yoga Job opportunities in India and in abroad.