Exploring Yoga Poses

According to Hatha Yoga Texts there are 84 Lakhs of Yoga Poses but only 600 poses are there in Practice. In the motive of collecting Unique Yoga Poses, The IYP has initiated “Exploring Yoga Poses

Exploring Yoga Pose

  1. Take a Yoga Pose Photo
  2. Name of the Yoga Pose
  3. Upload the Photo with Pose Name and your Details 
  4. Your Pose will be uploaded in The IYP Platform 

Credits and Stars

For Each Photo 5 Credits will be added to the Profile, 50 Credits is equal to One Star. Based on the Star Value, Ranking is given. 

Team Member

After getting 15 Stars, will become Team Member, They can access the collection of Poses and can Guide others for submitting.


40 Stars creditors will be promoted as training Reviewers. Based on the Stars they will be promoted to Next Levels

Upload Yoga pose


  • No Group is accepted
  • Pose should be Fully Viewable
  • Half Photo or Over Lighting Photo will not be accepted
  • The photo should be fully own by you and should not be someothers photo or copyrighted photos